Open Interview Resort World Genting – 4 April 2014

Permohonan adalah dipelawa kepada warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan bagi memohon jawatan di Resort World Genting seperti berikut:
– Pembantu Pengemas Bilik
– Pembantu Pertukangan / Juruteknik
– Boilerman
– Polis Bantuan
– Warden
– Pemandu Bas / Limosin
– Pekerja Am
– Pegawai Khidmat Pelanggan (Wisma Genting, KL)
– Pengawal Keselamatan (Wisma Genting, KL)


jawatan kosong genting highland
Resorts World Bhd has changed its name to GENTING MALAYSIA BERHAD, effective from 18 June 2009.

Amidst the refreshing cool air of the mountain, Resorts World Genting is an integrated award-winning resort that has everything to offer, combining fun-filled attractions with entertainment and the luxury of an international class destination, to cater for the many diverse cultures and visitors from all walks of life.

The resort features six hotels with over 10,000 guest rooms (one of which, namely First World Hotel, was once named World’s Largest Hotel by Guinness World Book Of Records), over 90 distinctive dining outlets, an alluring shopping paradise with over 80 stores, pulsating indoor and outdoor theme parks with more than 50 fun rides and more! The resort also operates Genting Skyway – the longest cable car in Southeast Asia – spanning 3.38km from the mid-hill at Gohtong Jaya to Highlands Hotel at the peak.

The fully equipped hall of Genting International Showroom (GISR) has seen a variety of events being staged ranging from full-course, sit-down dinner shows of great entertainers such as Robin Gibbs of The Bee Gees to engaging stage acts such as the popular comic martial arts performance from Korea (JUMP) to a weekend extravaganza such as Genting International Jazz Festival (GIJF) and Genting International Magic (GIMF).

The Outdoor Theme Park boasts exhilarating rides such as the Corkscrew, Space Shot and the RM20 million Flying Coaster. The latest attraction at the Outdoor Theme Park is the Pirate Ship and Beryl’s Chocolate Wonderland.

Cara Memohon

Temudua Terbuka Resort World Genting akan diadakan seperti berikut:

Tarikh: Setiap hari sabtu (Kecuali cuti am)
Masa: 9pg -5ptg
Tempat: Jabatan Sumber Manusia, Genting Highland Resort

Tarikh: 28 Mac 2014
Masa: 9pg -5ptg
Tempat: VIP Hotel, 1 Mile, Jln Buloh Kasap, 85000 Segamat, Johor

Tarikh: 29 Mac 2014
Masa: 9pg -5ptg
Tempat: Hotel Seri Malaysia Seremban, Jln Sungai Ujong, 70200 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Tarikh: 30 Mac 2014
Masa: 9pg -5ptg
Tempat: Melia Kuala Lumpur, 16 Jln Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

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